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Hala Madrid!
Hala Madrid!
CrisKa slogan of the day.More than true tonight, with Barca and Bayern winning …
CrisKa slogan of the day.
More than true tonight, with Barca and Bayern winning …
Something nice at all the football frustration with Barca and Bayern winning.Kaká on the way to the team gathering in the hotel.Hala Madrid!
Something nice at all the football frustration with Barca and Bayern winning.
Kaká on the way to the team gathering in the hotel.
Hala Madrid!

Cristiano Ronaldo: "I'm having a great run ... but that's all thanks to the team."

“I’m having a spectacular season both collectively and personally because we’re in first place in La Liga and currently playing the Champions League quarterfinals.
I want this to continue. I’m having a great run and I’ve already scored more goals than this time last year, but that’s all thanks to the team.
We must continue to work till the season’s end, but I’m very happy with everything I am achieving.”

Cristiano Ronaldo: "I try to make as few mistakes as possible."

“Critical moments are the best to learn from and see how far we can reach. Great players and great people stand out at such times.
I learn a lot from my mistakes, but they’re common in people and professionals. I try to make as few mistakes as I can. You cannot be incredibly successful when you make mistakes and that’s why I try to make as few as possible.”

This NIKE advert shows exactly this attitude: 
“If you think you’re perfect already, then you never will be …”

Cristiano Ronaldo: "We're on the right path to winning La Liga and the Champions League"

“I started playing football in Madeira when I was very young. I left for Lisbon when I was 11 and it all started there.
I played for Sporting Portugal 7 to 8 years, then I signed for Manchester United and now I play for Real Madrid.
Things happened fast and I made good use of the chances I got.
I had good years in Portugal and Manchester, and things have been going well for me in the two and a half years I’ve been at Real Madrid.
I’m performing at a high level and I want to keep it up.”

Last training session before tomorrow’s CL 1/4 finals match vs. APOEL Nicosia

The players were divided into 3 groups:
  1. Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Raúl Albiol, Mesut Özil
    worked with Rui Faria. The four players, who started in the last league match against Osasuna, performed running and stretching.
  2. Kaká, Callejón, Fabio Coentrão, Nuri Sahin, Hamit Altintop, Raphael Varane, Angel Di Maria, Esteban Granero, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Xabi Alonso, Gonzalo Higuain and Marcelo
    worked with José Mourinho; warm-up, exercises in speed, working with the ball.
  3. Iker Casillas, Adán and Thomas Mejias
    trained with goalkeeping coach Silvino Louro, workout and exercising with the ball.
-my translation -
Ups, I nearly forgot the CrisKa slogan of the day  :o)
Ups, I nearly forgot the CrisKa slogan of the day  :o)

Q:How did you feel when you saw that Kaka respond to you? :) I think i could die if something like that happen to me. :D

In fact, I had to look twice at the screen if this tweet really was for me. I couldn’t believe it because I imagine that lots of tweets reached Kaká at the same moment when he was online for the little fan tweet-chat.
Then I felt a great joy. Big smile!
And of course I immediately put it into my blog.
I felt very happy. And still am remembering.

Cristiano about family and love:

- my translation -
“As I said before, the fact of having a family that supports me, and a love, gives me stability.
For sure, with a good family and a good love relationship, things work out better.”
Question: How about wedding?
“No, not yet. One day I will marry, but right now I have no plans. Not yet”
Question: More children?
“I don’t know. But I’d like to have a family. We will see.”

As always, Cristiano was very discreet when the interviewer wanted to know more about Irina.
But notice the little hint. Twice he said with a smile “not yet”
And he smiles lovingly when he said “a good love relationship”.
So we can hope that he is happy.
(VIDEO of whole interview of 30.03.2012 in Portuguese here)

Cristiano Ronaldo about his career, Real Madrid, José Mourinho, Portugal NT

I just hope I will keep seizing the moment year after year. I have not yet reached the peak of my career.
This is all just relative. Next year, I could be at a higher mental level and not score as many goals.

Who I am today reflects all that I have been through. I have earned all that I have, because I have worked so much.
Nothing has happened by chance. It was all effort, dedication and a bit of luck.
I want to have a great season and finish it in great style. I want to continue at Madrid.
I have three years left on my contract, let’s see what the club want to do. 
Mourinho? I do not follow anyone, I always follow my own path and what I do is not based on friendships.
His (Mourinho) titles speak for themselves. He has won things wherever he has been. Not all coaches have the privilege to do what he has done.
That is why I consider him the best.
All great coaches need to succeed in different countries and he has done that.
Many coaches are considered to be amongst the best and they could not succeed in different countries. I do not agree.
  • EURO 2012
We (Portugal NT) need to have a winning ambition and mentality. If we go with a losing mentality, we will not achieve anything.
I think this will be a complicated group, but we have a good team and a good coach and we will have the support of our fans, which is an extra source of motivation.
I am confident. We will have to go step by step. The group stage is complicated, but if we go through anything is possible.
VIDEO of whole interview of 30.03.2012 in Portuguese here

Proud Papá Cristiano

- my translation -
“My son changed my life a lot. Before I had my son, I always wondered if it will change my life. And it (fatherhood) really changed my life - to the better. 
I managed to establish a more calm attitude, more serene. I have a different view on life now.
Those who have children know what I mean. These are things we can’t express in words, things we feel. It’s a unique experience for me.
When my son calls me “papá” I’m melting away.

It’s a fantastic experience.
Yes, I manage to spend a lot of time with my son. I always try to find as much time for my son as possible, despite the many tasks for Real Madrid and Portugal NT.
He lives with me and whenever I have time, and I have a lot of time for him, I am with him.

Yes, my son plays football. But he likes even more to drive in the car with me. He loves cars. 
Of course I would like it if he became a footballer. But we will see if he has the capability or if he wants to (become a footballer). I will do my best to motivate him for whatever he likes to do.”
(VIDEO of whole interview of 30.03.2012 in Portuguese here)
AUDI Advert: Who can drive more fuel-conserving - Xabi or Kaká?
Reto de conducción eficiente entre Kaká y Xabi Alonso al volante de un Q5 hybrid.
Good-humoured Kaká :o)Training 02.04.2012
Good-humoured Kaká :o)
Training 02.04.2012

Q:Ist das richtig was ich in der spanischen allgemein Zeitung gelesen habe, dass Real Madrid als Strafe für cr7 torjubel 6 Punkte angezogen bekommen hat :o?

Gaaaaaaaaaanz bestimmt! :o)

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