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The guy says what he wants. I like him. He’s the leader of an army. But he also cares. He was sending me text messages all the time in Inter asking how I was
feeling. He’s the opposite of Guardiola. If Mourinho lights up a room, Guardiola pulls the blinds
Zlatan Ibrahimovic about Mourinho (via ikerobsessed)
 #bless your soul zlatan
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The rituals revealed. .

The team song: Don’t worry about later - The Faith Keepers

Jose Mourinho - after taking his place he places his notebook, pen and some gum in front of his chair.

Cristiano Ronaldo - he steps into the pitch without stepping on the side line and with the right foot. Then he does a quick 3 step sprint and then he jumps.

Iker Casillas -  Iker has never played with long-sleeve jerseys (years ago he used to cut the sleeves off), wears his socks backwards and once in the pitch he scrapes the lines of his area “to give him a reference of his position” and then jumps to touch the crossbar.

Sergio Ramos - as soon as he enters, he touches the pitch with the right hand, makes the sign of the cross and the looks to the sky. Then he runs to the side he’s going to defend, steps in the end line and claps.

Gonzalo Higuain - Pipa always steps into the pitch with the left foot (skipping the line) with which he makes 3 quick jumps, then he touches the pitch with the right hand and makes the sigh of the cross.

Alvaro Arbeloa - he’s the only player who touches the side line, jumps and then does some heel kicks.

Marcelo -  he touches the pitch with the right hand and then makes the sign of the cross which he repeats. Then he kisses his left wrist (which is always tapped), opens his arms and looks to the sky. As soon as the game starts he makes the sign of the cross once again.

Mesut Ozil - always steps into the pitch with the right foot (skipping the line), opens his arms and start to recite some Quran verses.

Kaka’ - after stepping in the pitch he opens his arms and starts praying.

Angel Di Maria - makes the first touch with the pitch with the right foot (skipping the line) and the makes the sign of the cross.

- makes the first step with the right foot always skipping the line.

Ricardo Carvalho - always makes the sign of the cross up to 4 times.

Xabi Alonso 
- he’s the only one who steps into the pitch before the game to “inspect” the grass. Besides that, he doesn’t have any rituals.

Sami Khedira, Raul Albiol 
- are the only ones that doesn’t have rituals (at least that you can see). 

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lol cris
lol cris


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“There is no harm in dreaming of becoming the world’s best player. It is all about trying to be the best. I will keep working hard to achieve it but it is within my capabilities.”

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