Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

come on portugal :O

Cristiano Ronaldo interview
(by realmadridcf)
So AS took this interview that Cristiano gave in English and translated it.
I didn’t know that and made a translation of the AS article (see here), thinking it was the original in Spanish  :o) Oh well …
But here, in the original English interview we can observe some nuances AS didn’t mention. Especially in the parts when Cristiano talks about the “10” he is giving himself for the last season and about Sir Alex and Mou. Just the parts the media jumped at, quoting Cristiano wrongly or shortening his declarations in order to make him appear arrogant.
But also, this video obviously doesn’t show the whole interview, as in the AS article Cristiano spoke about more topics.
So at least my translation work wasn’t totally in vain  :o)

Portugal NT training, 23.05.2012

More pics here
I like the green outfit, especially remembering the ugly mouse-grey ones.

MY TIME IS NOW Cristiano Ronaldo DAY ONE

Cristiano arriving in the Portugal NT team hotel.

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