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541 things cr7-kaka likes

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    “Cristiano Ronaldo is not the second best player in the world. He is number 12. The 11 best all play for Barcelona.”
    —Sandro Rosell (Barcelona President)

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    Donde están los criticos ? CR7 Balon de Oro!

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    Arrogant. Not humble. Metrosexual. Egocentric. They can talk whatever they want, but for me you’re only one thing: hero. You’re the one that gives the fans that little shot of hope, when we’re waiting for a miracle. It’s in you that we deposit all of our trust, our support, our prayers; and you never let us down. The reward can come not always as a goal, but it never fails; because one thing we can forever be sure about, is that you’re always going to give your all. Your desire, your strength and your effort are in every drop of sweat that comes from you. And because you give your all to us, we have to give our all to you. That’s why we can’t stay quiet when people criticize you, and we make a war to defend you. For all that you are, all that you’ve done, do, and will still do for us. For your wonderful football, for the joy you give us while playing, for the relief of being able to scream ‘’GOAL’’ when you, once again, put your brilliance in action. And I can’t do anything but thank you, for absolutely everything. And ask you not to dishearten, not to keep your head down, because there’s a whole crowd that wants to see you smile, wants to see you winning. And this crowd is always going to support you, cheer you up, and root for you. Help you to get up, and always play along with you. Be strong, champion! Be strong, hero! You’re always going to be my “best player in the world”.

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    I’m german and I really support our nt. So is it strange that i cried over portugals defeat.? It just feels not right. They had so much bad luck. I love them too. They deserve more. Poor Portugal. And I hate those stupid german sport press for being so excited right now. That’s not right. I can’t take those sad faces from portugal nt especially those of my madridistas. strange euro. 

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    My Time is Now #makeitcount

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    Força Portugal! Pepe, Bruno and I are here with the team bus.
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    Criska Moment

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    Madridista & Proud: I need to say something.
    Ok, I was planning to say this in a video, but Im too lazy.
    About that story that Ronaldo refused to sign a barca shirt for a little girl. There is a few things you need to know.
    1. When you have a sad life, you make stories up about other successful peoples lives, eg. Ronaldo. 
    2. When you actually believe these made up and fake stories you are more sad and ugly in your mind.
    3. When you start to hate Ronaldo because of that fake ass story, you are a moron and need psychological help. 
    Lets pretend that this story is actually real, and Ronaldo “refused” to sign the shirt. Does that really make him a bad and horrible person? 
    For fucks sakes, he is Cristiano Ronaldo, he signs like 453546426562 shirts every time he is out. And not signing a shirt makes him a wicked person? What is that even? 
    No one asked that little girl who wears a barca shirt to ask Ronaldo. By signing a barca shirt the Madridistas will get mad, and he doesnt like barca. And I dont care about what Fabregas did. He is not Ronaldo.
    This story cant be real. Do you have pics, videoes or ANYTHING else to prove it? no you dont.
    I live in Denmark, and I know a real story about Messi who actually ignored a little boy, who flight all the way from Norway to Copenhagen to meet Messi. The parents waited for Messi arriving, and then the little boy reached out to Messi with his smiling face and hopeful eyes, and what happened? Messi looked at him, and just continued walking. 
    These players have a busy life, and they dont have time for all that shit. We all know how much Ronaldo loves his fans, and how much he values them. And he doesnt deserve to be filled with all that fuckery. 
    Ronaldo is perfection. And if I was at his place, and a barca fan asked me to sign a shirt I wouldnt do it, because there is many other Madridistas out there who deserve the autograph more than the barca fan.
    Call me a brain-fucked person, but dont you dare talking about The Perfection. 
    Bless you Ronaldo.
    Bless you Madrid.

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    perfect, perfect, perfect… *-*

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    Blind parrots.
    Ok I usually dont give a fuck, but I’m sick of all those hate posts in Cristiano’s tag labeling him as “cocky” and “arrogant” by people who have no idea. Before you judge go and watch the video of the interview. If you did, and decided to skip the part where he said “We have to respect Barcelona because they are a great team.” and only focused on the “I’m better than Messi” joke, then your ignorance is beyond me. 
    Here is what Cristiano really said (literally) when he was asked about comparing him to Messi, -but of course everyone decided to ignore it-:
    “Sometimes it makes me tired, for him too. Because they compare us with each other all the time. You cannot compare a Ferrari with a Porsche. We beat our own records, it amazing. I think we push each other sometimes in a competition. This is why the competition is so high. This is why Madrid and Barcelona are the best teams in the world.”
    “So you’re better than him now this season?”
    “Some people say I’m better, the others say its him, but you know, at the end of the day they’re gonna decide who’s the best player at the moment which I think is me” then he laughs.
    How arrogant, right? 

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    “I just want to thank everyone for giving us this magical night. Real Madrid is the best club in football history and always tries to win every title. This team will go down in history as the one that took 100 points, and so will these players.” - Jose Mourinho

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    Cristiano Ronaldo.
    i thank the heavens everyday for the man that is Cristiano Ronaldo you have no idea.
    this is going to need to be broken down into three parts because there is just so much to say
    I first learned of Ronaldo from the nation team. I was in complete awe watching that number 17 play. He had not only the talent but he had the heart and the dedication. I dont like talking about a certain euro game where Cris broke down but that was the moment he became my favorite player. before that i had never seen football mean so much to a player you could tell that it was everything for him. As the national team moved on and i saw players come and go i knew cristiano wasnt going anywhere. i knew he was going to be of great importance to this team and even though drama and speculation drew to him over his performance i always knew it was a lack of understanding that made and makes people misrepresent his passion for arrogance. I felt so happy and so proud the day he got named captain. though people may claim that he is falling as a captain they couldnt be more wrong. Cristiano carries the team and does it with pride. there isnt a player on the team that would say he doesnt deserve it.
    As a red devil i couldnt be more proud to have said cristiano not only played for our team but set standards for the entire league. sir alex was right in making him have the number 7 because he did more then live up to its name and while hate for him seemed to grow more and more he continued to prove himself every day. He gave that club everything and he left when the time was right
    Now i may have been a proud red devil but I cried tears of joy when the rumors were confirmed that he was being transferred to Madrid. I dont want him to ever leave here. he belongs here with us and i know he says he will never say never to moving to a different club but i hope his other word stays true too. i hope he retires here at madrid because i think i speak for every madridista when i say he belongs here. 
    To me Cristiano Ronaldo is not just one of the greats he is the best. You wanna throw names out there for most under rated player well here he is. He is so much more then a goal scorer he is a complete player. i dont just mean by his talent but i mean by his heart everytime you watch him play that frustration you see on the pitch that drive you see isnt just him looking for goals or looking to prove that hes better then somebody. its him giving everything has to what means the world to him. 
    To me no other player comes close to measuring up with cristiano. throw all the statistics and numbers you want at me nothing will change my mind on this.
    i could literally go on forever but for the sake of evereyones dash ill end it here

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    Thank you all for yesterday, it was amazing! We will be back soon. #cibeles2012 

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    Turns out what Javi Martinez actually told Cristiano is "You son of a bitch, go to Madrid to celebrate, don't do it here." To which CR7 replied "Fuck off." But yes, let's just all blame Cristiano and Real Madrid...because *gasp* they DARED to celebrate their 32nd league title inside San Mames, being ~inconsiderate fucks...let's also ignore how Athletic's super classy supporters spent the 90 minutes yelling "hijo de puta" and other obscenities at Real Madrid.

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    Hala Madrid! Thank you all!

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    Gonna spam with some Cristiano gifs!
    His face!:-D
    My first ‘live’ view of him! A memory for life!
    So sweet!!!
    Sexy as hell!

    The goal!
    Cutest thing ever!
    That smile!♥
    Love for Real Madrid!
    Last one - that smile again!♥

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    17 year old Cristiano Ronaldo gives his first interview

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    Ricardo kaka's video complied
    1 | 2 | 3 | 4
    1 | 2 | 3 | 4
    Kaka talking in English
    Endorsement :
    1 | 2 | 3
    1 | 2 | 3 | 4 
    1 | 2

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    Great team result this wknd. Check out these photos. Hala Madrid!

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    We manage a good result at the away game for champions league. Let’s keep working for reaching our goals.

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    this is for you, i know you’re there -  1/07/06, dedicating the winning penalty against England to his father

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